Hello World !

Welcome to our brand new Trustisto Blog. If you have never hear about #socialproof & #fomo automation check out Trustisto. Go visit our home page at httts://trustisto.com.

For the first post we would like to present our selfs.

We have no doubts that competition in marketing online is huge today! The tools that are used by stores around the world are within reach.

And you have only one task. You have to choose. And you want to choose what’s the best.

We know how difficult it can be to choose and decide which tool would help you sell more. Regardless of what decision you make and what you choose, remember – you cannot buy trust, but you can create it. 

Our mission is to create tools that will help you. Thanks to our social proof techniques you will quickly build trust and you will achieve the FOMO (fear of missing out) effect. Thanks to that sales in your store will increase.

When we created Trustico we had only one goal in mind: that you could perform a number of marketing activities in your online business by yourself. You do not have to hire experts or invest money in expensive tools that generate extra cost. The only thing you have to do is to  install the Trustico app. 

But to the point – It’s time for you to get to know us better!

Wojciech  (CEO & Founder) – Wojtek has over 7 years of experience in engineering eCommerce solutions. He was previously the founder and CEO of Kwit.pl (SavingCloud) and before that he was a Project Manager at Samsung R&D Poland. He has been running his own company for over 9 years. He attended Warsaw University of Technology for Software Engineering. Daria’s husband, father of Jan and Witold. He’s the founder of Trustisto. 

Marta – from the very beginning of her professional career, she was closely associated with the startup environment – she worked on projects such as i-Sport (online training care), where she was responsible for sales and service development. TuPrawnik – on behalf of the company, she coordinated the pilot e-Prawnik service for clients of PKO Bank Polski. Currently, associated with Trustisto, where she is responsible for selling the service and taking care of clients. A graduate of law at the University of A. Mickiewicz in Poznań. After working hours – runner – amateur (PB 21.097 km – 1:27:29).

Kazik – our Java Script wizard 😉 A graduate of mobile and web applications programming at University of Economics and Computer science in Krakow. In her free time he is a huge fun of books. Especially he likes fantasy. 

Paweł – Study? Yes, but only for „paper”, a graduate of Warsaw Management University SIG. He’s autodidact in 99%. He is in the web from 2009. He enjoys reading books – especially science fiction, musik with guitars and …frogs. He loves ruby, cheap B and C- horror movies. Privately husband of Karolina and father of two redheads – Hania and Ryś

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